Russ Edwards

Guitar & Vocals

Began playing at the ripe old age of 5.  Beginning on drums at the direction of his father who played in a local country western band in El Paso Texas.  Moved to California at 7 and picked up the guitar from a friend who showed him the basics and formed a band playing bass guitar.  Along the way he took the usual grade school piano, clarinet, & violin lessons.  (A parental mandate in those days).

At 12 moved to Arizona and formed a band with two fellow classmates in junior high, playing guitar and keyboards.

During high school he played folk music with another classmate before gravitating back to rock & roll.

His piano teacher, who was the high school choir director and close friends with his parents, coerced him into singing in the high school concert choir for 4 years. These years helped hone his vocal abilities.

After graduating high school he joined another band of fellow classmates and ended up touring the mid west club circuit for close to 5 years with Big Zephyr bassist, Mike Edwards.

He has been playing in bands ever since and found his way, once again,  to playing alongside, long time friend and bassist, Mike Edwards in “The Big Zephyr”.

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