Big Zephyr living room concert

Are stadiums and arenas the “places” where rock and roll happens?

Do you need to be one in a crowd of 10,000 to experience the greatest country music stars of today?

Do you need to spend $200 or more per ticket to hear some great live music?

There may some truth to those points, but these days with Facebook and other forms of live video distribution, more and more small bands are accessing their own audiences in a very intimate way. And Big Zephyr from Phoenix, Arizona is one of those bands.

Think of your own cozy living room: a comfy sofa, great sound system, places to lie down or put your feet up, soft lighting, a unique color-scheme and decor suited just to your taste, a room filled with items, art, and mementos of special value. Just like this one.

On August 24, 2017, Big Zephyr moved into this warm living room and presented a brief concert to more than 2400 fans, many of whom, had the same thing to say:

“Well, that was the most fun Facebook Live I’ve seen – even though I saw it after the fact. — You guys are great! — Y’all are rockin’ it! —Makes me wanna get up and dance!! — So cool to see y’all jamming in your living room! — Sounds great! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. — EXCELLENT sound quality! — Enjoying dinner with awesome music !! Thank you!! — You guys are great. Awesome!! —Hi from Oklahoma City to all!!! I like it. — Well that was Awesome! If you ever want to book in Little Rock, I have your venue! — You guys are rocking right to Massachusetts!”

From Phoenix, to Oklahoma City, to Little Rock, to Boston, the fans enjoyed the show. So the Big Zephyr is doing it again, Thursday, October 26,  6 pm (mst) on The Big Zephyr page on Facebook. Join us. IT’s Free!

And if you missed it, here is the link to watch our last show.  Share it with anyone looking for a band for a holiday party.

Here’s the link again:

Call 602 692 3723 for more info on BIG ZEPHYR performances and events.

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