HIRE BOTH for Flexibility:

Corporate events and weddings often attract a very diverse audience, in terms of age, education, cultural background. When you combine a live band with a DJ, you get the most musical flexibility. You can prepare the band in advance to play a certain mix for your crowd, and then your DJ can handle all requests that the band might not be able to do “on the fly.” The band and DJ then alternate sets of music, providing a musical selection as diverse as your audience. It’s a perfect arrangement to reach every one of your guests.

HIRE BOTH for Entertainment

A professional DJ will be an entertainer. He will be in the crowd, getting to know them, organizing dances and games, learning about birthdays and anniversaries, snapping pictures for display on the big screen. He will involve your guests in the event instead of them just sitting at their tables with people they know well and talking about work. You can meet your DJ and discuss the theme of your event and plan exactly what you want him to do.

HIRE BOTH for Concert Experience

A live band brings the emotion and energy of a concert to your event. There is nothing like the energy and talent of a great band actually performing right in front of you. A great band will not just decorate time with sound; they will bring passionate expression to your event that will create moments to remember. And the right band will always perform the right music, at the right time, at the right volume for each event.

HIRE BOTH for Success
Why are you having our event? Whether it is a fundraising gala, an annual holiday party, or the closing of a training session, your events become an integral part of your corporate culture. Successful events generate loyalty; they build comraderie; they reaffirm company values; they generate enthusiasm and passion. Passion is the fuel that drives us to achieve more. So there is reason enough to spend some time planning and executing your social events with great care. Bring a live band and a DJ to your next event.
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